Software   Hardware   Engineering
SYNELTRO GmbH is a innovative Swiss Company from Moeriken, near Lenzburg.

Syneltro was founded in 1996 and since then offers customized engineering for the industry in the areas of hardware and software development, including the mechanical design.

We specialize in small to medium size measuring and testing equipment. It is often necessary to define quality standards in production processes or to keep them constant and to detect any deviations during production at an early stage.

The spectrum ranges from camera systems with image analysis software, fast digital hardware logic, up to special analog / digital sensors, which are needed in applications. Here there are many possibilities. We would be pleased to discuss these options and their implementations with you. If we have sparked your interest, we would be pleased to actively support you in your future projects and ideas.

You can reach us anytime through our contact form or the conventional way.

  • SW-Engineering

    With the ever-increasing computing power of today's hardware, the collected and processed data volumes have increased significantly. Manual processing alone is no longer possible and the data must be entered with the help of software, analyzed, reduced and brought into a interpretable form.

    When developing software, we place high priorities on the topics above to work out the best solutions together with our customers.
  • HW-Engineering

    We are committed to a seamless engineering between electronic and mechanical design from the very beginning. To achieve this, we work with modern 3D-CAD and CAE tools. This allows us to design compact and highly integrated systems.

    We support our customers starting from a first feasibility study up to the development and manufacturing of complete assemblies.